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Joint Social Work Education Conference (JSWEC)

Drawing live - Graphicing - at JSWEC Conference - Strathclyde University, School of Social Work & Social Policy

15th June, 2023

16th June, 2023

I made  digital drawings sitting at a table working  on my computer in the main auditorium and at a few workshops.  The drawings made were very quick portraits of speakers expressing the main points of their presentations.

This was such an exciting and stimulating Conference to be part of , with a strong anti-racist theme.

Comments Commissioner:

Thank you so much Jolie, the drawings are absolutely tremendous and I am so very happy with them.  Brilliant.

~ Dr Trish Hafford-Letchfield

Jolie Drawing With Audience Jswec - - Drawing Live at the Joint Social Work Education Conference (JSWEC) - Strathclyde University - Consultancy