Consultancy Work

Motability - Mental health and Transport

Adults - People with Existing Psychiatric Diagnoses

People Living With Dementia

Mother's Mental Health and Transport

September 2022 – February 2023

This project was funded by Motability the national disability charity. Motability awarded the Mental Health Foundation a User Research Grant to explore the accessibility needs of people with mental health difficulties when using transport. The research covers three themes: concerns for people with existing psychiatric diagnoses; the relationship between dementia, mental health, and transport; and transport and maternal mental health.

I worked across the three themes of the project. Attending zoom meeting, focus groups and one in person meeting with mothers who were refugees at an event in Tower Hamlet.

I made notes and then made digitally drawings about my what I had heard in the groups. I had a particular view  of the project because of working with all the groups taking part. The drawings demonstrate the similarities and differences in people’s experiences, as well as how people manage to deal with the challenges of accessing public transport.

Comments Commissioner:

“Jolie creates images from actively listening to people, and in this way makes the learning so much more accessible. In our project looking at mental health and transport, we could see and feel someone’s experiences in an instant from her images. They encapsulate the impact of experience, feelings and behaviour in a way that words struggle to do on their own.

    Thanks, Jolie – These look amazing.”

~ Dr Alison Faulkner – Lead Researcher