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young carers
young carers

Text for Young Carers will be uploaded shortly.

artist in schools

March 2011. Facilitating the creation of a stage backdrop based on Antony Browne's book Into The Forest with Key Stage 2 children, Heber Primary School.

June 2010. Charcoal drawing workshops, using my drawings as a starting point to produce images of the exterior of the school, Key Stage 1, Gordonbrock Primary School.

July 2009. Animal puppet workshops, Key Stage 1, Heber Primary School.

July 2009. St Andrews School Sculpture Art Day - Build a City of the Future with the entire school: using the work of a variety of artists to contruct in the hall a city of the future built mainly recycled materials.

artist in residence

As the Artist in Residence at the 5th International Social Work Conference, Institute Of Psychiatry, London, Jolie produced a series of drawings as a visual evaluation of the day to be used on the IOP website and in the write up of the Conference.

Below is a movie taken from a series of drawings on camera for the film Nobody Says Congratulations, depicting the experience of parents who use mental health services for South London & Maudsley Trust.

Nobody Says Congratulations

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